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1, What is Companyregister.sg?
Companyregister.sg is a public Singaporean company database. Every company has a categorized public page, which contains their information such as address, contact info, etc. It can be used as a business search engine, and it has useful built-in services for verified companies.
2, Who can use the services of Companyregister.sg?
It’s available for every company with Singaporean company registry number. The public search function can be used by everyone, even without a login.
3, What kind of services Companyregister.sg has to offer?
1. Companies are able to upload and periodically update their information, they can add more contact information and upload pictures too.

2. The firms have an opportunity to get more attention through rank in the list of Featured Businesses. This is the Highlight feature, which can be activated with on-site credits. Credits can be purchased within the site itself.

3. Contact profiles can be created for the representatives of each company, under Add/Manage Representative menu.

4. There is a Domain Registration option, which can be used with on-site credits too. Companies can choose from 44 TLDs, such as .com, .sg, .jp, etc. (Full list available at the site.) This feature works with on-site credits

5. Companies can use the Storage Service to upload large files to a secure place and they can generate and share direct download links with partners, clients or fellow workers of the company. This can be activated with on-site credits too.

6. There is an option to create unique e-mail addresses under their own domain name - like [email protected] or [email protected]. This E-mail Hosting feature can be activated with credits.

7. Companies can demand complete Web Hosting service - there are three size packages available, each can be activated with credits.

8. Every company can create Job advertisement in various categories. The list of jobs is public and searchable.

9. Companies can create Tenders and quotations and they can publish it on companyregister.com. The list is visible after login only.
4, Why do companies have to add and verify their e-mail address?
We need to companies to verify information to authenticate proper communication channels which will be used to administer the details of the website after becoming a member. In addition Becoming a members allows you to expand your business’ potential.
5, What is a Credit and what is its value?
A credit is the unit that is used within the site to settle an order of a service or a feature. 1 credit equals with the value of S$1 SGD.
6, Is there a fee involved with a signing up for these services?
There is a 458 SGD + GST (490 SGD) annual fee. This contains the full usage of the site, and every verified company gets 100 ‘free gift’ credits, which can be used in several ways. The usage of the built-in functions can generate additional costs.
7, In which countries is this service available?
Data Register for Companies in Singapore and Company Register in other countries are international brand offering the same or similar directory services in respective countries where it is available. As for Companyregister.sg can be viewed from everywhere, but it is in fact the Singaporean company database.
8, Is there a phone-support option?
Yes, there is. Our phone number: +65 3158 2647
9, Does the site contain every single business entity registered in Singapore?
Our goal is to gain all Singaporean companies trust, and we’re really close to achieving that. If your company is not yet in the Singaporean company database of ours, you can register here. >>
10, How can I edit my website that I have got upon purchasing a domain from the site?
First of all please login to companyregister.sg. After login, open the purchased domain and click on the gear icon on the top of left corner of your site. You can edit your website if you change the settings.
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